Solutions By Design

Our Mission

is to provide our clients with innovative cost-effective data collection, processing and analysis solutions to improve their business processes.

We do this by developing software products that improve an entire management process--not just a single function. We believe that an understanding of our clients' goals, concerns and organizational infrastructure is essential before designing a solution.


Syngetics uses database, web, front-end design and imaging tools to develop solutions.

Our Capabilities

Database and Programming Languages

SQL, MySQL, Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, ActiveX, SPSS (Statistical Analysis Software)


PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, ASP, XML, Portal Applications (Drupal, Joomla)



OCR, OMR, Barcode


A Sample of Our Solutions


MealScan is a combined software and data processing method that allows child care agencies to generate routine subsidy reports by scanning daily attendance and meal logs, using their fax machines. The proprietary system has improved efficiency within our client locations and created a more accurate and cost effective report management process.



SofCare is an innovative data management software for child care providers and provider funding agencies that allows both entities to streamline business processes and achieve greater efficiency.




For child care provider funding agencies, SofCare includes a web portal that helps the agency communicate more efficiently with child care providers. The portal also allows the agency to collect data, such as child attendance and other critical information, from providers remotely.



PhillyStudies is a web portal for clinical trial researchers and research study participants. The portal allows prospective study participants to locate clinical trials in the Philadelphia area and contact researchers directly.


Researchers are able to screen participants, provide detailed study information, and link with other researchers.